What Is Coffee News

Coffee News is a weekly publication that connects locals to locals. The mission of Coastal Coffee News is to promote local businesses and non-profit organizations, in addition to spreading awareness of community events, activities & fundraisers.

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Why Readers Love Coffee News®

Suport Local

Coastal Coffee News connects local readers to local businesses every week. Our goal is to encourage readers to BE LOCAL. This means to always shop, buy, eat, drink, support, & enjoy LOCAL!

Enjoyed By All!

Coffee News is an entertaining, upbeat publication filled with unusual stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, & more all designed to amuse readers while they are eating or waiting. People of all ages enjoy reading their weekly edition because there is no bad news!

I see that paper everywhere!

Coastal Coffee News is the cute, brown paper you see everywhere! You can find our papers in many of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, vehicle service centers, doctor’s offices, waiting areas & many more locations!

Why Advertisers Love Coffee News®



Coastal Coffee News only offers exclusive ad spaces. This means only one advertiser per business category, so you can completely lock out your competition while advertising!


Coffee News is circulated in a variety of different distribution points each week. Some examples include: local restaurants, coffee shops, vehicle service centers, doctor’s offices, salons, gas stations, general waiting areas & MANY more!


Coffee News was created as an alternative to expensive, traditional print advertising. It provides local, small businesses and non-profit organizations with an inexpensive, highly effective, & highly visible outlet for their ad.

Coastal Coffee News is an entertaining weekly publication delivered to your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, service centers, doctor’s offices, or anywhere people are eating or waiting. 
It makes your meal better or your wait shorter with the week’s funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, horoscopes, & more! 
Full of fun stories and trivia, Coffee News was designed as an alternative to expensive, traditional print advertising. 
Take a few moments to explore our site & read more about Coffee News and the amazing benefits for advertisers, restaurants, & the whole community!

We have known Joseph for numerous years, and we can't say enough for his commitment to help local, small businesses succeed. Signing up for this program was a no brainer, and have had many jobs come in due to our ad on Coastal Coffee News!

Shawn Hill ~ SK Signs & Designs

A good way to reach Islanders while they are waiting in offices, restaurants, etc. They had my ad to me for approval in a couple of days and were very easy to work with.

Ike Wingate Callaway

I have advertised since they began publishing on HHI and it is a good marketing piece!

Carl Schroeder

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